Hong Kong - Lhasa - Kashgar - Silk Road – Moscow - 31 days / 30 nights

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Trip highlights and features: • Beijing sightseeing: the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City • Xian sightseeing: the world-famous Terracotta Warriors • 31 days of touring in 20 towns and cities • Amazing sights: The Gobi Desert, Lake Issyk Kul, multiple Museums, many ancient Silk Road cities • Train to Lhasa the ‘Roof of the World’ at 1,149 km • 20 nights onboard train, 11 nights in deluxe hotels • Train travel onboard the private Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express • Cities : Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Guilin, Kunming, Chengdu, Xian, Lanzhou, Lhasa, Dunhuang, Turpan, Kashgar, Bishkek, Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Ashgabat, Merv, Khiva, Volgograd, Moscow • Most Breakfasts, lunches and dinners

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Day 1 - Hong Kong, Flight Arrivals

Passengers arriving in Hong Kong are met and transferred to a central, five-star hotel for a one-night stay.


Day 2 - Shangri-La Express, Guangzhou

Free time before coaches transfer guests 35 km to Shenzhen station, where our private Shangri-La Express train awaits ready to serve lunch as we depart for Guangzhou (Canton). Our afternoon here includes a tour of the city.


Day 3 - Guilin

Early morning arrival in the enchanting city of Guilin, where we spend the day sightseeing. Situated on the Li River in some of the finest scenery in the world, our day includes a cruise on the river amongst the strange karsts rock formations that feature on so many of the covers of books about China. We also visit the 600,000-year old Yudi Lan (Reed Flute) Cave on the outskirts of the city.


Day 4 - Shangri-La Express

A relaxing day on the train as we head towards the mountains of the Yunnan Province and Kunming.


Day 5 - Kunming

We spend the morning in Kunming where our visit includes the Golden Temple and Yunnan Stone Forest. At lunchtime, we start our transit over one of the world’s most spectacular railway lines. Completed only in the 1970’s, the line to Chengdu tortuously passes over many precariously perched bridges and over deep ravines before plunging into yet another tunnel.


Day 6 - Chengdu

Mid morning, we arrive in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province and home of the Giant Panda. During our city tour, we visit the Giant Panda Breeding Research Institute.


Day 7 - Xian

Breakfast time arrival in the ancient city of Xian. The morning is dedicated to visiting the world famous Terracotta Warriors, discovered by peasants barely 30 years ago. The 6,000 Terracotta figures, arranged in row after row of warriors and horses, are one of the greatest archaeological finds of the 20th century. Lunchtime departure of the Shangri-La Express. Dinner on board.


Day 8 - Lanzhou

Upon our arrival in Lanzhou, situated on the Yellow River, we take a trip down to the river during our short stop here as well as visiting the Gansu Provincial Museum.


Day 9 - Climbing to the Roof of the World

Golmud is the starting point for the new 1,142 km ‘roof of the world’ line to Lhasa. From here, it is a 12-hour daylight journey to reach the Tibetan capital. Evening arrival where we transfer to the Lhasa Hotel for a 4-night stay.


Day 10 - Lhasa

Our first day is spent around the hotel for acclimatization purposes.


Day 11 - Lhasa

Day two we visit the 13th century Jokhang Temple, Tibet’s holiest shrine and the adjacent Barkhor market before having lunch with traditional folk music. In the afternoon, our tour includes the spectacular 17th Century Potala Palace, former seat of the Tibetan Government and the Dalai Lama’s winter residence. It contains thousands of rooms, dominating the city skyline and is one of the architectural wonders of the world.


Day 12 - Lhasa

Morning visit to Norbu Lingka, the Dalai Lama’s Summer Palace. Free time in the afternoon to explore Lhasa.


Day 13 - Shangri-La Express

A full day on the train giving you time to relax and reflect on our visit to the ‘roof of the world’.


Day 14 - Shangri-La Express

Day two on board as we venture across one of the world’s most renowned deserts, the Gobi.


Day 15 - Gobi Desert

Today we pass through the Hexi Corridor, with its snow-capped peaks of the Daban, Datong and Tulai Shan, beyond which lies the Tibetan plateau. On the far side of the corridor lies the Gobi Desert.


Day 16 - Dunhuang

This morning we visit the fascinating Mogao Thousand Buddha Cave Complex, which contains almost 500 grottoes, carved between 700 and 1,700 years ago, and filled with an amazing collection of sculptures and murals depicting the evolution of Buddhist religious art over a 1,000-year period. Over 2,000 statues and 45,000 murals remain. In the afternoon, we visit the Sand Dunes where the more adventurous can take a camel ride to Crescent Lake. Dinner in Dunhuang before returning to the train for a late night departure.


Day 17 - Turpan

The oasis of Turpan lies some 400 feet below sea level and is the lowest and hottest place in China. Whilst here we visit the Flaming Mountains, best viewed at midday, and the 3,000 km long and 2,000 year--old underground irrigation system. Lunch is in an idyllic setting, amongst the vineyards of the Grape Valley. Early evening departure of our train as we head for the 2,000-year old Silk Road city of Kashgar.


Day 18 - Kashgar

Early evening arrival in this still thriving merchant city where we transfer to the one of the city’s top hotels. Time to explore this, the largest oasis city in central Asia.


Day 19 - Kashgar

Today is dedicated to what Kashgar is best known for, the world’s greatest bazaar. Once known as the major trading post for merchants, thawing out from their trek through the mountains on their way to China, today’s Kashgar bazaar is just as thriving. This is a definite must for all travelers to the area. As the line ends here, we take a charter flight over the Pamir Mountains and into Kirgizia, where we transfer to Lake Issyk Kul on board our private Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, which will be our home for the remainder of the trip.


Day 20 - Lake Issyk Kul, Trans-Siberian Express

As the line ends here, our next adventure is aboard coaches, which take us through the Torugart Pass, in the Pamir Mountains, where we cross the border into Kirgizia. Our arrival in Lake Issyk Kul marks the start of our journey aboard our private Trans-Siberian Express, which will be our home for the remainder of our trip.


Day 21 - Bishkek

Upon our arrival in Bishkek, we spend the time there touring this capital of Kirgizia.


Day 22 - Tashkent

Mid-morning arrival in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan. We spend the afternoon in the pleasant, modern Soviet-style city that was rebuilt with wide tree-lined boulevards after a devastating earthquake in April 1966. After visiting the Museum of Fine Arts, we re-board the train and have dinner as it departs for Samarkand.


Day 23 - Samarkand

Samarkand — the quintessential Central Asian town whose name, more than any other, instantly conjures up evocative images of the Silk Road. Many words have been used to describe this wonderful city – ‘Rome of the East’, ‘Pearl of the Muslim World’ – with Alexander the Great, Marco Polo and Tamerlane among its most well-known admirers. Founded in the 6th century BC, its architecture gives an indication of its former status as one of the most important cities in Asia. We spend the day touring the many fabulous buildings including the Bibi Khanum Mosque, Ulug Beg Observatory and at the end of the day Registan Square, one of the most inspirational sights in all of Central Asia. After dinner, we return to the Square to see it splendidly lit up, and enjoy an evening of traditional dance and music. We return to the train for a midnight departure.


Day 24 - Bukhara

Traversing the Kyzyikum desert during the night, we awake to the splendor of Uzbekistan’s stunning oasis city of Bukhara. Smaller than Samarkand, but no less impressive, UNESCO renovated much of this ‘jewel of the desert’ for its 2,500 year anniversary in 1999. Immerse yourself in the compelling history of this ancient walled city, with its 140 protected buildings. The highlight of the tour is a visit to The Ark, the fortified residence of the Emirs of Bukhara, rulers infamous for their cruelty and who survived into Soviet times. Lunch provides an authentic experience of traditional local cuisine as we dine within one of the city’s many medressehs (beautifully tiled Islamic schools popular in the area), after which we travel out of the city to visit the Emir’s Palace of Moon and Stars. Dinner is back on the train as we leave Uzbekistan and enter Turkmenistan.


 Day 25 - Ashgabat

In the afternoon, we arrive in the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat and tour of this newly constructed ‘Las Vegas of the Kara Kum desert.’ The old city has been replaced with a modern, multi-fountained, gold-gilded centre dedicated to ‘President for life’, Sapamurat Turkmenbashi. We return to the train for dinner and an evening departure.


Day 26 - Merv

Breakfast sees us in Mary, from where we drive to the ancient Silk Road city of Merv, a city left to ‘die’ after the Emir of Bukhara destroyed the dam, which the population depended upon for water. The 50-square mile area houses five different walled cities of which we visit one. We return to the train for a lunchtime departure.


Day 27 - Khiva

Early morning we arrive in the non-descript city of Urgench. From here, we are driven the short distance to one of the Silk Road’s most fascinating cities, Khiva, located on the Amu Darya. Once one of the most important trading centers at the crossroads of the routes between Mongolia, Russia, China and Persia, Khiva, with UNESCO’s support, was restored for its 2500th anniversary. The city’s former wealth is evident in the fabulous buildings, mosques, bazaars and minarets that are within the walled city. We return to the train for lunch as we depart north through the desert, bound for Russia.


Day 28 - Trans-Siberian Express

A relaxing day on the train heading through Kazakhstan’s Kara Kum desert. Enjoy the scenery and the remote villages we briefly stop at from time to time. Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the train. In the evening, we pass into Russia and follow the Volga northwards.


Day 29 - Volgograd

On the banks of the River Volga, Stalingrad, as the city was known in Soviet times, was the scene of probably the most important battle of World War II. The Russians finally turned back the Nazi advance to the Caucasian oil fields in Baku in the famous battle that claimed many hundreds of thousands of lives. Up to this defeat Hitler had lost no major battles, after Stalingrad he won none; it was the turning point of the war but Stalingrad had paid an enormous price. The city had been virtually destroyed and today we visit the sobering Mamayev Kurgan war memorial, followed by the excellent diorama and interesting museum before we return to our train for lunch and our final dinner onboard.


Day 30 - Moscow

Morning arrival in Moscow where our tour concludes with a night in the five-star Baltschug-Kempinski Hotel, overlooking the Kremlin. Afternoon visit to Red Square and the Kremlin. Farewell dinner in the city.


Day 31 - Moscow, Flight Departures

After a sumptuous breakfast in the hotel, a morning sightseeing tour of the rapidly changing Russian capital ends your tour. Lunch is on your own account with airport transfers provided to connect with afternoon flight departures.



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