Trans-Siberian Express

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The longest and the most famous railway journey in the world, the Trans-Siberian Railway traverses the whole expanse of Russia from Europe to the Orient. Few other journeys enable the passenger to relax so completely during their course, and to become lost in the rhythm of the journey as time zones and the urgency to arrive both become meaningless. In his book, ‘The Big Red Train Ride‘, author Eric Newby summed it up: "There is no railway journey of comparable length anywhere in the world . . . The Trans-Siberian is the big train ride. All the rest are peanuts." It is, without doubt, the world’s most epic rail adventure.

Whilst there are many packages on the Trans-Siberian Railway, nearly all will involve travel on the regular Trans-Siberian trains – which although comfortable are simple. What is unique about this operation is that is that travel is by high quality Private Trains. These holidays will appeal to those who appreciate the finer things in life, satisfying a quest for adventure without having to sacrifice comfort. On this train you relax in style, enjoying the comfort, space and service found on no other Trans-Siberia trains!


All these tours are fully inclusive with an extensive sightseeing program in the main towns and cities along the route, but there is also plenty of time to relax as the "Hotel-on-Wheels" eats up the miles. Get up when you want, sleep when you want, enjoy fine dining in the restaurant car and have a drink with fellow passengers in the bar car. The advantage of having your "hotel room" with you all the time soon becomes apparent – and the best part does not have to pack and unpack every day!

Regular departures operate throughout the summer with occasional winter departures. The 10,000 kilometers adventure is well paced with around 1 day off the train for every day on board, taking you from Moscow and St Petersburg on the Baltic coast to Vladivostok on the Pacific, just a short hop from Japan (tours run both Eastbound >>> and Westbound >>>).




First Class Sleeping Car >>>


Deluxe Class Sleeping Car >>>


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Prices >>> start from EUR 5,095 for the 14-day fully-inclusive tour (without flights) on First class twin-share basis.


For exact inquiry on dates and quotations, please, fill in the Personal inquiry >>> form

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