18 Days Safari from Maun to Livingstone

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All most important points of Botswana and Victoria falls are submitted on our travel. From Maun we directed in Central Kalahari, located in the north. Here, practically, there is no infrastructure; however, there is photogenic and not touched nature. Bushmen’ tribes are live at territory Kalahari. Delta of the river Okavango made contrast to this semi-desert. We can be acquainted with various fauna of Botswana traveling through Moremi, Savuti and Chobe reserves. Open space, silence and supervision over wild animals far from a civilization. Quantity of participants: minimum - 1, a maximum – 12.

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The program of the Safari – The best of Botswana.

1. Day:
Our travel begins at 8:00 a.m. in Maun – the Safari-capital of Botswana. 
Through 300 km near to Ghanzi, we shall reach Bushmen’s village. The detailed program will be at supper stipulated. 

2. Day:
Today we are going to hunting together with Bushmen’s. Bushmen’s will share with us knowledge of this district, the methods of hunting, and the surprising culture. After a dinner, we have a free time, which we can lead on nearby lake or visit Bushmen’s village. After a dinner, we shall be acquainted to local dances.

3. - 6. Day
We shall lead these days in Central Kalahari (Central Kalahari - Game Reserve).
It is the biggest reserve in Botswana in which practically there is no infrastructure, therefore we should be ready to these beforehand.

We shall visit northern part of Central Kalahari in region Pipers Pan, Таu Pan and the Deception Valley, which described in the well-known book "Cry of the Kalahari" by Marc and Delia Owens. We shall be acquainted with very various for region of semi-desert’ fauna and flora and we shall take pleasure in wide-open spaces of this fascinating district. This part of trip - the most adventurous since, first, it is necessary to spend stocks of water economically. We shall spend the night in described in the program "camping places", in very simple small houses. Here it will be possible to take advantage of portable showers.

7. Day:
After last morning trip, we come back to Maun, where we shall spend the night in comfortable Lodge.

8. Day:
We expected already with the following adventure that is full contrast to dry Kalahari: we go in the western part of Okavango’ delta, to a small slice of paradise.
We shall break tents on island and we shall lead night in an environment of noise of the African bushes, puffing of hippopotamuses and bull’ frogs.

9.-10. Day:
After we have shipped our things on motor boats, we shall float along closed, framed by a cane, channels of Okavango’ delta directly in heart of this green oasis.

In this magnificent district, it is possible to observe surprising birds. More deeply in delta, we change from a motor boat on traditional Mocoros (canoe) and we enjoy quiet trip to island on which we shall lead two nights in wild district. In the afternoon, we are acquainted with island by foot and canoe.

11. Day:
We come back to our vehicles and we go back to Maun. In addition, there is an opportunity to overcome this distance by the plane (cost of flight - by inquiry).
You will have opportunity to observe waterways of delta and wild animals from air.
We shall spend the night in the camp, which is near to Maun.

12.-14. Day:
Today, the part of our Big Safari with elephants in Moremi reserve that offers the best opportunities for supervision over wild animals begins.
In the reserve, there are not only dry districts, but damp regions also.

We spend these 3 days on trips, in searches of wild animals and birds, which live here, and we’ll be surrounded with typical smells, noise and wild beauty of this district. 

Trips are made early in the morning and towards evening. Residing - at tents in camp.

15. - 16. Day:
We shall visit Chobe National Park through droughty district Savuti, which well-known for lions and a plenty of elephants.
We follow bends of the Kobe River, observing animals that arrive on a watering place.
Residing - at simple private camp. 

17. - 18. Day:
We cross Zambezi on the ferry and we go to Livingstone through Zambian side of Victoria Falls.

There we shall lead the last night of our travel in comfortable small houses.

You have opportunity to see Victoria Falls and to walk on the local market.
The supper is paid separately in Lodge.

Our travel ends in 18-th day, at 10 o"clock.

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