Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar - Safari in the Northern Tanzania

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18, 25 or 32 days Safari from / to Germany. Travel by the nature of Northern Tanzania with an opportunity of various combinations. Four important compound points: • Travel on Meru Mountain (4566 m, ideal for adaptation before ascension on Kilimanjaro) and the Safari in Arusha National park. • Ascension on Kilimanjaro (5895 m, the highest mountain in Africa) through Maranga with lodging in a hut for one night. • Safari in National parks Tarangire and Manyara Lake Manjjara in Ngorongoro crater and in Serengeti. • The cultural program on the most exotic Island of spices Zanzibar with its fascinating story, hospitable inhabitants and fine beaches. You can take pleasure in a full package of travel or combine separate points. Individual travels are possible on other routes also.

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Itinerary - 32 Days.

1. Day:
Delivery of travelers from all cities of Germany to Frankfurt am Main. Flight to Tanzania, Kilimanjaro airport.

2. Day:
Arrival and transfer to hotel in Moshi, which is ideally located near to Kilimanjaro.

3. Day:
Free day. You can be weakened in pool of hotel, to enjoy drinks in a bar or to walk in located nearby Almonds woods. In city, you can visit bright markets and factories of leather manufacture.

4. Day:
Breakfast and instructing before ascension on Meru Mountain. You can leave unnecessary luggage in the hotel, necessary things will be distributed between porters. We leave to Arusha to Momella Gate. Approximately, in 4 hours, we shall reach Miriakaba hut located at height of 2600 m. Our way will lie through fascinating landscapes of savannas and mountain woods.

5. Day:
Ascension on Saddle Hut on height of 3570 m. Atop of a wood zone huge Eric’s bushes and surprisingly beautiful torch lilies grow. Through 3 - 4 hours of road, we shall reach our purpose. In second half of day for the best acclimatization, we shall make short ascension on Small Meru.

6. Day:
The ascension on top of Meru Mountain (4566 m.) begins at 3 o"clock in the morning. A way difficult and it is not necessary to underestimate it. Within 4 - 5 hours and several steep slopes, we reach the top. The fantastic panorama on Kilimanjaro opens from here.

Return to Miriakaba Hut proceeds 3-4 hours, and rest stipulated on road in Saddle Hut.

7. Day:
At descent to Momella Gate, it is possible to make walk to a falls. We shall lead night in, conveniently located, Lodge. After a dinner, probably, will take place trip to Arusha National park.

8. Day:
In the morning, we shall make trip to Arusha National park. The landscape of park is various. Huge flights of a flamingo gather on pure Momella Like and from edge of a crater the remarkable view opens on Ngurdoto crater. Here it is possible to observe elephants, giraffes and buffaloes.

9. Day:
Trip to Marangu for a dinner and, in summary, village’ walk. We shall familiarize with Chagga’ life and their especial way a kind of keeping of animals, “zero grassing ", and we shall look the smith works. Under banana palm trees, we can try banana beer Mbege and we shall visit coffee plantations.

10. Day:
Free day in hotel - a small oasis among the African vanity. You can relax in pool, bar or to take pleasure in fine dishes at restaurant.

11. Day:
After detailed instructing before ascension on Kilimanjaro, we go to Marangu Gate (1840 m.). Here we are registered and we give our luggage to porters. The first stage passes through a strip of a tropical wood. You will see huge ferns, trees covered with a moss and magnificent Hagia-trees. Within 3 - 4 hours (about 8 km), we reach Mandara huts (2725 m.). 

12. Day:
Today we leave a tropical wood and we move ahead further on marsh district. Here your footwear will be checked up on water resistance… At good weather, open view on Kibo and Mawenzi. Soon we shall see imposing huge flowers. The way lasts approximately 5 - 6 hours (distance of 11 km). Lodging for the night in Horombo - Norwegian small houses, at height of 3725 m.

13. Day:
Today is very important day for acclimatization. Accompanied by a guide, it is possible to make walks to the Mawenzi-Saddle or Zebras-Rocks. Lodging for the night, as well as the last night.

14. Day:
The following, rather easy, ascension conducts on plateau by last place with water, to Kibo hut. On the right, you may see the Mawenzi. Shortly, rises begin more abrupt, but in 5-6 hours (about 11 km), we appear at our purpose at height of 4700 m.

15. Day:
The ascension on top of mountain will take place about the midnight. The first purpose is the Gillman"s Point at edge of a crater (5685 m), which we shall reach until sunrise in 6 hours. By this moment the steep slope in length approximately 3,5 km. has remained behind. This ascension, the truth, made without any special knowledge and skills, however demands will power. From the Gillman"s Point through 1,5 hours we get on Uhuru Peak at height of 5895 m.

This unforgettable impression - to be on a top of the highest African mountain!

Soon we should begin return descent. After reinforcement in Kibo hut, we move further to Horombo hut where we hope to celebrate our victory over top. The common distance of a today"s way makes about 21 km.

16. Day:
At last day of our campaign, we make descent of 19 km up to Marangu Gate. Here we receive the document on ascension on top and we thank our team of porters. We shall be delivered in our hotel in Moshi that, for the first time for some days, to take pleasure hot shower and the true bed.

17. Day:
Free day in hotel. We have deserved to relax and nothing to do or have a rest in pool. In hotel, it is possible to use e-mail also.

18. Day:
After a breakfast, our Safari begins. Accompanied by a team we go through Arusha in Tarangire National park. Elephants, rhinoceroses, buffaloes and lions live in this wood park. It is possible to observe leopards in huge baobabs. Lodging for the night - in tents.

19. Day:
Today we shall visit National park – Manyara Lake.
This park located in a foundation ditch and well-known for the lions who are swarming up trees who can be seen, if will carry. Lodging for the night - in tents.

20. Day:
Safari in Ngorongoro crater - a cultural heritage since 1978. Bernhard Grzimek has described it as one of miracles of world. From edge of a crater (2286 m), opens the grandiose view on Eden garden. The big herds of zebras and antelopes-gnu move in rather small area (259 sq. km) of steppes, lakes and bushes. Here we can find out rhinoceroses, elephants, lions and leopards. In small lakes, it is possible to observe numerous hippopotamuses. In the evening, we meet with Massai, which conduct the cows from the crater to village. Lodging for the night - in tents, at edge of a crater.

21. & 22. Days:
Trip to Serengeti, the most well-known National park in the world. The wide-open savanna is the native land of the “Big Five”, which we shall see necessarily. Since May prior to the beginning of the June, pursued by lions, cheetahs and hyenas, huge herds of a gnu, zebras and antelopes, after the annual travel, move in the Massai Mara direction. In December, they again come back to Serengiti. Two lodgings for the night - in tent camp.

23. Day:
After short walk, we overcome rather long distance back in hotel in Moshi, where we can wash off a dust of last days and relax with a cool drink in a bar.

24. - 26. Day:
Flight Kilimanjaro - Zanzibar. On island, we will meet with representative of local agency and will deliver to our beach hotel located in the north. Warm Indian Ocean is a pure pleasure. The hotel offers very good water entertainments. The Scuba Diving School is nearby and it is possible to organize fishing tours in the high sea.

We advise you to make the "Tours of spices" (cost is not included in the price of the program). You will be acquainted to how local residents raise and process such spices, as a nutmeg, cardamom and many others.

The big plantations of a carnation are typical for this island. Three nights in hotel.

27. Day:
Transfer in the hotel located in old city Stone Town. The hotel is near to ocean. Here it is possible to observe the anglers who are coming back from fishing.

With the accompanying guide, we shall make walk through colonial old city and we learn about a history of this city where once there was a sultan of Oman, and the city was the prospering center of slave’ trade. We shall visit church of slaves, the house of miracles and the exotic markets of spices and fruits. In the evening, we can visit colorful Forodhani Gardens. Uncountable small grills in taverns prepare fruits of the sea - pleasure for your eyes and stomach.

28. Day:
Today we will visit the Island of Prison.
It is possible to swim with a mask and an aqualung on the reef located ahead or to visit huge turtles. 

29. & 30. Day:
We have time to visit the center of the Arabian city.

Interested persons can make boat tour on the south, to places where it is possible to observe dolphins and even trip in Jozani Forest, where lives a rare kind of monkeys “Colobusaffen” (walks are made at additional expense).

(You can lead also more time on a beach, than in city. Please, stipulate it beforehand)

31. Day:
Today we fly to Dar-es -Salaam and then we fly back to Frankfurt. 

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