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Fiji contains more than 300 islands; spread over 1.3 million square kms (502,000 square miles) of ocean in the heart of the South Pacific. The largest is Viti Levu, and on the Western side of this island lies Nadi (pronounced "Nandy"), just six hours" flying time south-west of Hawaii or four hours north-east of Sydney, Australia. Vatulele is 25 minutes by light aircraft (or helicopter) from Nadi International Airport. Vatulele has been designed to ensure that your stay is carefree from the moment you arrive on the island. You don’t need to tip, you don’t need formal dress and even footwear is optional at all times. However, to make your stay as smooth as possible, you do need to know some general information about both Fiji and the resort.

There are 18 Deluxe Beach Villas (bures) of equal standard*. Some are further away from the central bure (located between 3 & 4) than others. Please let us know your distance preference when you are booking and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Sometimes guests (particularly past ones) request specific bures. On all occasions we do our best to accommodate these requests, but you should know that we NEVER GUARANTEE a special bure will be available at the time. One of the Villas (the most distant) has been built as a Premium Honeymoon bure. It has air-conditioning and a plunge pool along with premium finishes and furnishings.

Vatulele visits are often “special occasion” vacations - honeymoons, birthdays or anniversaries. Vatulele particularly suits those who want to escape from the pressures of the Western world, yet still be able to enjoy five star standards. As the bures are set in jungle, Vatulele will not suit travelers who feel more comfortable in a “bug free”, sterile environment. (At some times of the year, as with any tropical destination, there may be some mosquitoes after rain, though we do have a very comprehensive control program). Rather, it suits the more adventurous traveler who wants “to get the sand between their toes”. The resort particularly suits OUTGOING people who are able to enjoy the company of others, in addition to privacy. More than half our guests are North American; the balance is split evenly between Australia/New Zealand and Europe (mostly English, German speaking and Italian). We strongly recommended that guests be able to speak SOME ENGLISH to get full value out of the experience we offer. We are normally able to accommodate requests for singles - depending on space. As most guests mix together guests traveling alone are unlikely to feel excluded. We do not recommend less than 5 nights. Our average stay is 7 nights. Guests under the age of twelve years are not accepted, unless in certain circumstances in THE POINT. If we have available space we accept singles (you are not alone as many guests dine communally as in "The Captain"s Table". Unlike some other top end resorts in Fiji we do not discriminate against same sex couples.

Dress on the island is informal. Evening is smart casual, and footwear is optional at all times. Definitely no jackets or ties. We supply hair dryers, shampoo, conditioner, beach towels, snorkeling, tennis and scuba diving equipment. Our shop stocks a limited variety of suntan creams, film and cigarettes. A pair of rubber soled shoes plus some reef walkers or waterproof sandals are recommended. Although the year-round temperature is warm, you may experience some cool (and the occasional cold) evenings in our winter months (June, July, August). Pack some warmer clothes if your stay falls in this period, as we dine outside year round, weather permitting. Our summer months (mid December through March) are generally hot and humid. If you are particularly sensitive to, or intolerant of humidity, it may be better to avoid summer.

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You will need a passport valid for at least 3 months beyond your date of arrival. No visas are required for most countries. There is a 24 hour bank on the left immediately outside Customs. A small amount of Fijian currency would be appropriate for Vatulele if you intend making purchases in the village. Fiji €50 should be ample but make sure to ask for small denominations (€2 & €5 notes). You will also need €20 in Fijian currency for your departure tax. As most international flights arrive early morning, we recommend that guests who are transferring same day, reserve a day room at a hotel near the airport. Guests overnight should make themselves known to the appropriate hotel representative or make their own way to their accommodation. The best mainland hotels are adjacent to each other and 25 minutes drive from the airport - The Sheraton Fiji and the Sheraton Royal. (The Royal has more of a “Fijian” quality). There are plenty of taxis available but many are in poor condition. The best taxi service is IMAAMS, who run (older) Mercedes Benz cars. These would normally have to be pre-booked.

Guest villas are not equipped with telephones. Incoming callers should not expect the island telephone to be answered after 5pm. The local telephone system is sometimes less than adequate and callers should be warned that they may encounter some difficulty with transmission. Mobile phones will work at the Resort but they are banned from ALL public areas for obvious reasons. Leave turned off in your baggage or find a different sort of destination!

Air is the only option. We have a daily charter flight departing Nadi at 11.30am and the flight takes 25 minutes. (Check-in 11am). Unless advised to the contrary this is a Pacific Island Seaplanes aircraft which departs from Nadi airport. (Check-in in the domestic terminal). Your luggage allowance on all domestic flights in Fiji is 15kg (33lb. per person) If you are traveling on an extensive trip, to avoid inconvenience, we suggest you pack a separate case for the island and store your excess at Nadi airport. There is a convenient left baggage counter near the check-in. (a Vatulele staff member will be at the check-in desk at 11am to assist you with this). They will also meet your flight if we have been provided with your arrival details.

If you need to connect to a morning departure flight from Nadi or if you arrive in Nadi too late to travel on the regular flight, a special charter aircraft can be arranged*. All charter flights must be arranged through the resort. No private charters will be accepted. These transfers are limited to daylight hours. An international departure prior to 8.30am probably dictates an overnight stay on the mainland. Passengers arriving after 4pm may also find a same day transfer impossible.

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Check-out 11am Check-in 1pm. *Unless a bure is reserved from the night before, guests may not arrive on the island before NOON. Guests who extend their stay beyond the departure time of the standard transfer flight will still be required to vacate their bure by 11am and will incur a late departure charge equal to 25% of the daily rate. If we have no incoming guests we can relax this rule.

The resort maintains a comprehensively equipped medical room including oxygen, an asthma nebuliser and an ECG machine. Telephone consultations with a mainland medical practitioner can be easily convened. Fiji is free of most tropical diseases including Malaria. No vaccinations are required. Our advice would be to ensure your travel insurance provides for medical evacuation, and we would offer this advice wherever you travel internationally, away from major cities. Fortunately in our 14 years of operation we have never had a serious medical emergency.

The resort generates its own power and is standard Fiji voltage - 240 volts. Bathrooms on Vatulele have a power outlet suitable for most 110 volt appliances.

Please note the minimum stay for a wedding couple is six nights. This allows time for the celebrants to establish a relationship with the locals, as well as fellow guests, thus ensuring a moving ceremony. For this reason we schedule the marriage ceremony towards the end of the stay. We charge a fee which reflects the amount of work that goes into the event. We also limit weddings so that no guest on the island sees two during their stay - usually limiting us to 3 per month. There are less expensive weddings to be had in Fiji, but as with most things in life, you only get what you pay for!
For many career-minded couples, organizing a wedding takes such enormous effort that the idea of "eloping" can be very attractive, especially when the wedding can take place in the romantic setting of Vatulele.

The service is usually held on the beach at sunset, in a "church" with doors and windows created from plaited coconut leaves and flowers. Traditionally dressed Fijian warriors accompany the bride on a barge trip across the lagoon, and children toss flower petals in the sand as she is carried ashore to take her vows. The ceremony is accompanied by the mellow voices of a village choir raised in sublime harmony.

Wedding ceremonies at Vatulele are not merely "show business" however. The vows are solemnized by a Fijian minister, and because of their popularity, we limit them to three a month. All the guests are invited: they participate in champagne toasts, the traditional Kava ceremony; a native feast cooked in pits in the ground, and later enjoy the villagers" genuine ceremonial dances.
For all concerned, a Vatulele wedding is the fantasy of a lifetime come true.

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Be sure to let us know in advance if you are celebrating a special occasion, so we can make your stay especially memorable for you.

Before you arrive we would like you to know that Vatulele staffs are not, under any circumstances, permitted to accept individual tips and we ask your assistance in preserving this policy. However many guests have shown their appreciation by contributing to a staff annual bonus fund. (Guideline U€15 per couple per day). This consideration may be offered at the end of your stay, and is entirely at your own discretion. The Resort has set up a Trust fund to assist with community education and health needs. This has enabled us to establish a kindergarten in the main village, and re-cycled children’s books, games or clothes are always welcome.
Vatulele is well recognized for its food, ranging from Californian to Thai, Japanese, Austral/Asian and Indian - in fact, any style that suits our glorious tropical climate and laid back lifestyle.

Fresh ingredients are flown in daily from Australia and New Zealand. Naturally there is an emphasis on seafood. Because of our all inclusive tariff, there are ample opportunities to sample the contents of our first class cellar, including unlimited French champagne!

In the welcoming warm weather, meals are taken on a terrace outside our large central pavilion overlooking the lagoon. By night, tables are set under the stars and lit by lanterns and candlelight. At full moon, the "dining room" is usually set by the water"s edge. Dining is usually communal, and hosted by the management - in the style of the Captain"s table on a ship.

However, don"t imagine that we ignore that special occasion or the chance to have a romantic dinner for two. There are many options for private dinners, our wine cellar, in "The Folly", or on the beach with moon and lantern light.
The quality of the scuba diving sites at Vatulele has been one of the South Pacific"s well-kept secrets for many years, and only recently has it been revealed as one of the premier dive destinations in the region.

Vatulele is the only five star island resort in Fiji with a PADI ("Golden Palm" status) dive facility and resident instructors. We offer a variety of courses: "Resort" courses, full "Open Water" certification courses, and various specialty courses.
We can offer a cross-section of diving possibilities: soft coral, hard coral and pelagic.

Underwater visibility ranges from above average to excellent and there are few currents. The island is surrounded by deep water with large "drop-offs", offering twenty-two dive sites within fifteen minutes" travel.

There are no better circumstances to take your first steps into the exhilarating world beneath the sea.
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           WORLDWIDE RATES 2017 – 2017

High: 1 April 2017 – 31 Oct 2017; 22 Dec 2017 – 10 Jan 2017
  Low: 1 Nov 2017 – 21 Dec 2017; 11 Jan 2017 – 31 March 2017

                                        Low                High
 Price per couple per
 night                              €1105             €1438
 Single (on request)          € 751              € 995

 GRAND BURE ‘Vale Viqi’
 Price per couple per
 night                               € 1851            € 1851
 Price per couple per
 night                               € 2361            € 2361












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