Difficultly to present any event, which we would wait with the big trembling and impatience and for which we would prepare so carefully, as to wedding. We have already visited a lot of regular weddings - such were at our friends and relatives. But we should be, by all means, especial and unique.

Wedding: native church chanting instead of Mendelssohn’s march.

So, in aspiration to become owners of the most unusual wedding memoirs and in hope, that they become a pledge of our eternal love and passion, we decide to fasten our union somewhere in “city of dream“ or on paradise islands. And the main thing here, that there were no unforeseen circumstances.

Therefore, having postponed story about variety of beautiful and exotic places for carrying out of a celebration there, we shall pay attention to the moments prosaic, but important. First of all it is necessary to be defined, whether we want to get married on Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish or other religious practice, and all officially to register. This desire will oblige us to prepare beforehand an impressive package of documents and will considerably reduce quantity of places, where it is possible to lead wedding.

To combine civil ceremony with sacrament of wedding is possible, perhaps, only on Cyprus. And the ceremony can be both orthodox, and Catholic, and, that is interesting, the first will cost almost twice more cheaply. Birth certificates and divorce certificates will be necessary for wedding on Cyprus as well as valid passports.

The Orthodox Church in Greece and Israel will marry us with pleasure, if, in our pocket, already there is a marriage certificate, registered on the native land.

In Europe is possible to get married under the Russian ceremony is possible, but only in several cities.

In Italy is Venice, in France - Paris and Nice, and in Czech – Karlovy Vary. Only there we my find the Orthodox Churches, ready to crown foreigners.

In Greece no more than five such churches - near to Athens, on Rhodes and Crete.

On the Holy land, orthodox ceremonies pass in a Cathedral of Russian spiritual mission in Jerusalem. In all these places, from a newly-married couple also will ask inquiries on a christening and the sanction to wedding from Russian Church.

If to speak only about a "stamp in the passport” besides the named directions such services renders in Denmark, on the Caribbean islands, Seychelles and in some other states.

Official wedding registration is expensive procedure, but if would be desirable to marry abroad it is necessary to take into account a number of the important things. All necessary documents should be beforehand translated to English language and notarized.

If the groom and the bride especially attracted, for example, by Caribbean Islands, to collect all documents and to delivery to tour operator, it is necessary for three months prior to the beginning of prospective trip. And to receive the long-awaited certificate it will be possible only after some months. But the patience, undoubtedly, will be remunerated, and ceremony will pass under the most supreme category, in fact the wedding ceremonies arranged on Caribbean Islands, are recognized as one of the best in the world.

But if to wait and prepare for documents there is no desire or if the treasured seal already stands in the passport, it is possible to be limited to symbolical solemn ceremony and to continue romantic rest. Here again, - all depends only on our imagination. That it is pleasant to us: charm of Europe or exotic of the East, or wedding on seacoast under noise of waves?

If a newly-married couple dream of the flower wreaths, smelling sweet celebratory arches, romantic ceremonies, exotic attires or about a cheerful and naughty holiday in bathing suits on a beach - all this for them with pleasure organize on Tahiti, Bali, Maldives, Caribbean Islands and other exotic islands.

One of the most romantic ceremonies is arranged on Tahiti. Here the groom comes to a beach on a pie accompanied by dancers and musicians who execute wedding melodies, using sea bowls. The local Priest says various spells in a local adverb. When all malicious spirits at last are dispersed, to a newly-married couple allow drinking milk of a green coco and decorating with magic flower garlands. In the end of ritual newly-married couple departs on a desert island where remain till the morning …

On Bora-Bora Island - the groom and the bride prepare for wedding ceremony all the day long: them decorate with colors, paint every possible pattern. Then in love rise on top of a sacred hill where they name Polynesian names, drink for the health exotic fruit cocktails and under church chanting of natives take a flower bath.

Similar ceremonies are carried out in India and Thailand, but some elements of a ceremony do not suit tourists to taste. For example, during Buddhist ceremonies rather strongly paint the person and hands. Many grooms are frightened with prospect of the made up eyes and lips. In this case brides persuade named even to dress national attires. Almost always it is possible.

Special ceremony, worthy persons of royal blood, is carried out in Royal Palace Kerambitana on Bali. The ceremony begins with clothing in royal wedding orders and overlaying of a national make-up. Further the pair passes in richly decorated chariot around of a local small village and, met by torch procession, drives to the main gate of a palace. Solemn speech and wedding certificates in love will present by members of royal family.

However consider, that all remained evening should be lead with Bali’s monarchs and after that to dance with them traditional night dance Lugong. Therefore in the first marriage night a newly-married couple should not count on solitude, in this case.

Romanticism prospers on Jamaica. Faultlessly white sand, sparkling falls and the rivers, majestic mountains create fine scenery for a wedding holiday, which included travel on the silent river on bamboo raft, made only for you.

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As to Europe, here clients prefer “wedding variations“ with use of surroundings of the medieval deputies. The Old World is pleasant to those who is not indifferent to a history and culture and loves excursion rounds. Here romantic trips to Milan, Prague, Paris and Venice use the greatest popularity.

Change of cities, circulation of paints, events and new impressions become fine support to raised feelings. For example, wedding travel to Italy, beginning, as a rule, from Rome. To wander on Eternal city each building here - a legend, each museum - assembly of masterpieces is possible indefinitely, in fact. Rome is also a life, surprisingly joyful, in Italian solar.

In Venice, a newly-married couple can make travel by gondola controlled by gondoliers in ancient celebratory suits, and will celebrate the union in the magnificent deputy.

Gold-domed Prague - capital in love, kisses and romanticism - gives a unforgettable celebration on coast of Vltava and a honeymoon in fantastic city with the gold towers, which well-known for red roofs and have been washed up to shine by roadways.

If you like an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration - the best variant will go for romantic week to Paris. The Champs Elysee, Cathedral of the Parisian Mother of god, the Louvre or Tour d"Eiffel will leave set of bright impressions. In the afternoon, for short rest shady avenues of parks Monso and But Chaumont, will approach, gardens Tiuilire, and it is possible to go to travel after Seine in the evening. From capital of France newly-married couples quite often make travel on locks of Loire.

Krakow uses huge glory. Even more often, this Polish city becomes a place which chooses for carrying out of assemblies of boys and girls - many pubs and the restaurants open till the morning in the city. The main sight of city is Mariatsky church where oaths in love and fidelity sound in different languages of the world.

In conclusion of wedding digression we shall mention the prices. It is necessary to tell that cost of marriage ceremonies both official and symbolical it is rather various and depends on the country, the program, number of visitors and much other.

To arrange modest official procedure, possible having spent €1500 and the true celebration will cost not less, than in €4000.

But in how much possible to estimate the unforgettable romantic moments, which will stay with us for all life?..

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