About us




Our company specializes in challenging, urgent individual and group bookings, VIP services as well as selling airline tickets, cruises and any trips all around the world.  

Alice Travel is a travel agency that has made individual tour organization into one of its main areas of activity. 

Travellers have a unique opportunity opening up to them – rather than tying themselves to rigorous restrictions of group travel, such as timeframe, hotels, charter flights, etc. – travelers can create and plan their own tour opting for personal comfort. Today Alice Travel is a stable and dynamic company. Clear ideas about specifics of different countries guarantee high quality service to Alice Travel customers. 

At a customer’s request Alice Travel will book any of the world’s best hotels, rent a yacht or a private airplane, a prestigious limousine, a luxury villa or an old castle. You will be able to visit several cities or countries, to combine business and pleasure, to spend your vacation on a private island the location of which is only known to a select few or rent the entire island for any exclusive event.  

In addition our company provides wedding services, in accordance with any requested ceremony, in many countries as well as on exclusive resorts and islands. 

Alice Travel professionals are ready to comply with virtually any request of our customers. 



                                          7 reasons to travel with Alice Travel: 

  1. Alice Travel means reliability. Alice Travel Company guarantees perfect handling of the most challenging and urgent bookings.
  2. Alice Travel means a personalized approach. We only offer personalized tours to our customers. Even in case of group tours we try to meet the requirements of any group member! On your request we will book any of the hotels located in 150 countries around the world, will rent a yacht, a private airplane, a prestigious limousine, a luxury villa or even an entire island. You will have a chance to visit several cities or countries, combining business and pleasure.
  3. Alice Travel means convenience. Your busy schedule does not leave you any spare time. Telephone us or visit our internet site at www.alice-travel.com specifying a time that suits you – our company’s manager will telephone you at your office at a time that is convenient for you.
  4. Alice Travel means staying informed. Every Alice Travel customer gets regular travel updates.
  5. Alice Travel means guaranteed confidentiality. We understand our customers who do not wish to advertise their business trips or travels. Our company never divulges any information about our clients to third parties!
  6. Alice Travel means prompt service delivery. Our company’s professionals always strictly adhere to specified deadlines when delivering services.
  7. Alice Travel means guaranteed quality of the services provided. Our company only works with time-tested and trustworthy partners.


                              Alice Travel organizes trips to 150 countries of the world. 

Alice Travel's extensive experience enables it to arrange tours to virtually every corner of the world. European capitals, exotic islands, African safaris, cruises around the world, train tours, adventures in Australia or South America, trips to Asia – India, Japan, China… It is only your imagination and common sense that set the boundaries of your itineraries and destinations.  

Besides, Alice Travel implements specialized programmes such as studies and treatment abroad, exclusive participation in cultural and entertainment events: world premieres, colourful festivals, balls and fashion shows.  

Just consider how many exciting events take place around the world every month!


  • In autumn there is the fashionable Christie's Auction in London and the grand Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich.
  • Winter brings the famous Imperial Ball in Vienna and the breathtaking Venice Carnival.
  • In spring it is time for the Rio Carnival and the Cannes Film Festival.
  • Summer is the season of the Berlin Love Parade and of the spectacular Formula One races unfolding before your eyes in Monaco.

Alice Travel also arranges any (!) flights aboard exclusive airliners and helicopters from any location around the world and around the clock, as well as high-grade yacht rent.  

Alice Travel fully implements corporate programmes.  Such programmes involve participation in international forums. We arrange trips to symposiums, congresses, conferences, plans and corporate trips such as seminars, trainings, incentive trips for company dealers and staff.  

Alice Travel simplifies formalities required by embassies, constantly keeps in contact with foreign partners promptly meeting any requests put forward by a customer during his or her stay abroad.

At a customer’s request Alice Travel will arrange meetings with business partners in informal settings, such as a golf course or aboard a yacht. 

For any questions, contact our specialists: info@alice-travel.com